November, 2011: TURBNPRO Version KC4 is now the current version of TURBNPRO replacing Version 3.0x which had been offered since 1999.  Version KC4 supports operation on the new 64 bit platforms including Windows XP (64 bit) and Windows 7 (64 bit).  Version KC4 will also operate on earlier 32 bit systems including Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista.  Along with other new features, Version KC4 permits the User to study turbine solutions operating with variable speed, an operating mode which maximizes turbine efficiencies over wide head ranges. 




Accepting Credit Card payment on-line


As of the January, 2009, Hydro Info Systems has begun accepting payment on-line using major credit cards.  To pay by credit card, go to the Order Information screen of our website, www.turbnpro.com.  At the bottom of the screen select the product from the drop down menu and click on the Buy Now button.  The PayPal screen (the Purchaser must have a free PayPal account) will direct you through payment.

Solution Graphics



TURBNPRO Software Awards:


Hydro Info Systems is proud to have donated copies of TURBNPRO as awards to winners of the Hydro Power Contests held at the bi-annual Hydro Vision and Water Power conferences. Congratulations to all the winners.



TURBNPRO Version KC4 includes the following additional new features:


- The option to view the performance of a turbine solution when operating with variable speed.  This method of unit operation is seeing increased interest in the industry as it maintains high turbine efficiencies over wide head ranges.


- Performance curve graphics are presented in expandable window displays for improved viewing.


- Result reports are improved in format for User's printer.


- Maximum discharge and output limits have been increased for Pelton type turbines


- TURBNPROs core turbine performance data files are .txt files and permit accessibility to the User for potential modification.



History of TURBNPRO :


November, 2011:  TURBNPRO Version KC4 is released replacing Version 3.04.


September, 2000: TURBNPRO Version 3.04 is released and available to all users of Version 3.0x. Version 3.04 includes minor corrections to cavitation characteristics of Axial/Propeller units. This new version creates more realistic axial unit sizes/speeds particularly when used in higher head applications.


August, 2000: Two copies of TURBNPRO were awarded to winners of the Hydro Power Contest held at the Hydro Vision 2000 conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.


March, 2000: TURBNPRO Version 3.03 is released and available to all users of Version 3.0x. Version 3.03 includes minor corrections to the labeling on the print-outs of the Annual Energy Report and the Solution Summary Report.


January, 2000: TURBNPRO Version 3.02 is released with minor programming refinements.


October, 1999: TURBNPRO Version 3.01 is released and issued to users of Version 3.0. Version 3.01 includes a correction to the Axial/Propeller Crossplot programming which had previously developed misleading efficiency data due to rounding of the relatively low net head values being used.


July, 1999: Two copies of TURBNPRO Version 3.0 are awarded as second place prizes in the student division of the 1999 Hydro Power Contest held during the Waterpower 99 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Award is mentioned in October, 1999 issue of HYDRO REVIEW magazine.


April, 1999: TURBNPRO Version 3.0 for Windows 95/98 is completed and released. Version 3.0 covers Pelton as well as Francis and Axial/Propeller type hydraulic turbines and all data entry is in SI (Metric) units.


1998: A news release regarding TURBNPRO Version 2.0 is published in Volume 5, Issue Two of The International Journal on Hydropower & Dams magazine.


December, 1997: A news release regarding TURBNPRO Version 2.0 is published in International Water Power & Dam Construction magazine.


March, 1997: TURBNPRO Version 2.0 for Windows 3.1 is completed and released. Version 2.0 covers only Francis and Axial/Propeller type hydraulic turbines and all data entry is in US Customary units.


October, 1995: TURBNPRO Version 1.0 for DOS is completed.





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