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Data Entry Screen Examples


Easy to follow sequence of entering data and developing the turbine solution. TURBNPRO will determine unit sizes and speeds that satisfy the criteria entered. You select the turbine arrangement and orientation (within allowable limits) or let TURBNPRO select a default arrangement.

Data Output Summary Examples


TURBNPRO calculates and displays typical turbine dimensional and performance information on your selection and displays generic graphical views of the turbine.

Performance Displays


TURBNPRO displays performance in Hill Curve, crossplot or tabular formats. Results may be exported to User's spreadsheet software for use in other programming.

Energy Calculator


To aid you in your optimization of the turbine type and quantity, enter your site's flow duration characteristics as well as the variations in headwater and tailwater elevations and TURBNPRO will calculate the annual energy of the turbine solution(s) developed.

Annual Energy Results


Annual energy results are displayed in various tabular and graphical formats and may be exported to User's spreadsheet software for use in other programming.

Application Briefings


TURBNPRO presents a briefing advising the advantages and disadvantages of the various arrangement types.



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