During a hydroelectric project's feasibility study and preliminary engineering phases, the optimum selection of the hydraulic turbine size, type and quantity is frequently a difficult exercise.  

TURBNPRO can reduce your design time and save money. 


By using TURBNPRO to compare the dimensional impact on powerhouse design and the energy production of various turbine solutions, the User has a quick means to closely select the optimum turbine type, number and arrangement for a hydro-electric project.


 TURBNPRO is also an excellent tool to acquaint and train those unfamiliar with hydro generation equipment in the applications and limitations of the various types of hydraulic turbines.


When you enter your turbine sizing criteria including:

- Unit Discharge

- Rated Net Head, Gross Head and Net Head Range

- Desired turbine centerline setting to Tailwater

- System frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz)

- Efficiency Priority

- Site Elevation and Water Temperature



- Determine unit sizes and speeds that satisfy the criteria entered

- Allow you to select the turbine arrangement and orientation (or let TURBNPRO select a default arrangement)

- Show typical dimensional and performance data on your selection

- Display performance in Hill Curve, crossplot or tabular formats

- Display graphical views of the turbine selection

- Present a briefing advising the advantages and disadvantages of the various arrangement types

- All major arrangements are considered by the TURBNPRO software including:


Francis Turbines


Vertical and horizontal axis


Spiral case, semi-spiral case and flume type intakes


Straight and elbow draft tubes

Axial/Propeller Turbines


Kaplan, adjustable blade or adjustable gate regulation capabilities


Spiral case, semi-spiral case and flume type intakes on conventional vertical units


Tubular, pit type or bulb type horizontal arrangements

Pelton Turbines


Vertical and horizontal axis


1 to 6 jet designs



Energy Calculator:


To aid you in your optimization of the turbine type and quantity, enter your site's flow duration and net head characteristics as well as the variations in headwater and tailwater elevations and TURBNPRO will calculate the annual energy production of the turbine solution(s) developed.

PLUS CAD Drawings:


Over 55 drawings in the standard ".DXF" format. Drawings include turbine waterpassage, distributor cross-section and arrangement views. ".DXF" file format is supported by most popular CAD programs. Save time in drafting your preliminary project and powerhouse designs with this library of turbine drawings.

Program Features:


- Easy to follow sequence of data entry and developing the turbine solution. User data entry is in SI units (meters, m/s, etc.).

- Turbine arrangement and orientation may be User selected or determined by the TURBNPRO default feature.

- Option allows User to enter efficiency modifiers to further customize the turbine solution performance.

- The developed solution may be saved to a disk file.

- Performance data shown in hill curve, crossplot curve & tabular formats.

- Major turbine dimensional characteristics shown in easy to view screens with graphic definitions of dimensions. Data results shown in SI units (meters, m/s, etc.).

- Generic graphical views of the turbine solution with dimensions shown superimposed on the graphic .

- For Francis & Axial/propeller turbines cavitation characteristics and limitations due to cavitation are integral to TURBNPROs development of the turbine solution and its performance.

- Create printed reports of the turbine performance, dimensional characteristics, curves, etc. Printed outputs include results in both SI (metric) and US Customary units.

- Determine optimum energy production using actual or hypothetical site flow and head data.



- Concurrent operation of up to 10 units of 2 different turbine solutions may be studiedd  in the energy calculations.

- Turbine performance characteristics and annual energy results may be exported to User's spreadsheet software for use in other programming.Turbine performance characteristics and annual energy results may be exported to User's spreadsheet software for use in other programming.

- Graphical presentation of the various arrangement types available including their applications, advantages and disadvantages.

- User Manual/Reference Guide of 160+ pages, including extensive graphics.User Manual/Reference Guide of 160+ pages, including extensive graphics.

- Data included in TURBNPRO is typical and generic in nature and is based upon experience with actual turbine designs.

- New for Version KC4  Review turbine solution performance characteristics when operating with variable speed thereby maintaining high efficiencies over wide head ranges.

- New for Version KC4  Result reports are improved in format for User's printer. User has open accessibility to TURBNPRO's core turbine performance data.

- New for Version KC4  Performance curve graphics are presented in expandable window displays for improved viewing.

- New for Version KC4  Operation on both 32-bit operating systems and new Windows 64-bit operating systems including XP and Windows 7.


Computer System Requirements:


The following are the minimum system requirements needed to run the program:


- TURBNPRO Version KC4 can be run on the Microsoft Windows operating systems XP (32 bit), XP (64 bit), and Windows 7 (64 bit)

- A hard disk drive with at least 60 megabytes of available disk space

- A Windows supported printer


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